7:50 pm in #BuenosAires – “A caballo vamos pal monte” by @javi_quintero as part of the #24hourproject #24hr14 #24hr14_BSAS. For more information please visit the @24hourproject

19:02 in #BuenosAires – “Across the universe” by @javi_quintero as part of the #24hourproject #24hr14 #24hr14_BSAS. For more information please visit the @24hourproject

(at Belgrano)

“Content filtering algorithms are an editorial opinion encoded into an equation. These pieces of code are more powerful now than the most powerful editors in media.”
— Eli Pariser, Founder of Upworthy, at the “Do Algorithms Dream of Viral Content?” event #SXSW (via digitallablive)

at Hangar 23


Las manos de la canciller alemana Angela Merkel y del primer ministro británico David Cameron durante la jornada inaugural de la feria CeBIT equipo en Hannover, Alemania, en la demostración de una mano biónica que puede ser manejada por Bleutooth a través de un teléfono inteligente o tableta. (AP)

Hola si, tenemos que hacer una demo de interior de auto del carajo. Dale, tengo una idea.


Photo of the Day by furn7973 

We don’t know what these two are arguing about but this looks like a dangerous fight. Congratulations furn7973 for having our Photo of the Day!

at Downtown Buenos Aires

at Cafe San Bernardo

Pharrell Mashup (Happy Get Lucky) - Pomplamoose

at Costanera Miramar

at Obelisco (Plaza de la República)


On the heels of culling history’s finest meditations on the nature of creativity, PBS Off Book turns to those of the present: We see a neuroscientist testing Graham Wallace’s seminal 1926 theory of the four stages of creativity and an author revisiting John Keats’s notion of “negative capability” — that uncomfortable skill of tolerating uncertainty and the prospect of failure, so crucial to creativity; we get a reminder that everything is a remix and nothing is truly original; we hear the mandatory mention of artist Chuck Close’s by-now famous maxim, “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

So, wait, all of these “new” ideas about how creativity works actually came from the past? But then again, that’s precisely the point Kirby Ferguson makes in the video – so there we have it.